District / Block Offices
Office of the District Youth Officer, Murshidabad
Sl.no Name of the Office and Address Landline No. Email-ID Designation & Mobile no. of Officers

District Youth Office, Murshidabad
34, K. N. Road, P.O.+P.S.- Berhampore, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742101

03482-252563 dyo.msd@gmail.com Shri Sougata Maity, WBCS (Exe.), District Youth Officer, Murshidabad, 7407076757
2 Berhampore Block Youth Office
34, K. N. Road, P.O.+P.S.- Berhampore, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742101
N.A. berhampore.block@gmail.com Raj Kumar Biswas, Block Youth Officer, Murshidabad, 9474335465

Berhampore Municipal Youth Office (M)
34, K. N. Road, P.O.+P.S.- Berhampore, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742101

N.A. myo.berhampore@gmail.com Raj Kumar Biswas (BYO-in-Charge), Murshidabad, 7407076757
4 Nowda Block Youth Office
VILL+P.O- Amtala, P.S.- Nowda, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742121
N.A. nowda.byo@gmail.com Nikkan Mandal(BYO-in-Charge), Murshidabad, 9732549100

Hariharpara Block Youth Office
Hariharpara BDO Office Road, Vill + P.O + P.S.- Hariharpara, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742166

N.A. block.hariharpara@gmail.com Asit Biswas, Block Youth Officer, Hariharpara, 9874752644
6 Beldanga Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)
N.A. N.A. Binay Bala (MYO-in-Charge), 8013080019

Beldanga Block-I Youth Office
B.D.O. Beldanga-I Office Compound, P.O.- Barua, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742189

N.A. byobeldangaone@gmail.com Binay Bala (BYO), 8013080019
8 Beldanga Block-II Youth Office
Saktipur Bazarpara, P.O.- Saktipur, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742163
N.A. byobeldanga2@gmail.com Binay Bala (BYO), 8013080019, 9732549100

Murshidabad-Jiaganj Block Youth Office
Lalbagh SDO Office Compound, Lalbagh, P.O.+ Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742149

N.A. byo.mj1@gmail.com Priyanka Mukherjee (BYO), 8981840430
10 Murshidabad Municipal Youth Office (M) (Non-sanc.)
N.A. N.A. Priyanka Mukherjee (MYO-in-Charge), 8981840430

Jiaganj-Ajimganj Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)

N.A. N.A. Priyanka Mukherjee (MYO-in-Charge), 8981840430
12 Nabagram Block Youth Office
Nabagram Busstand , P.O- Nabagram, Dist- Murshidabd, PIN- 742184
N.A. byo.ngram@gmail.com Tuhin Mukherjee (BYO-in-Charge), 9831536726

Bhagwangola-I Block Youth Office
2nd Floor of Bhagwangola 3 No. Gram Panchayat, Vill- Maheshnarayanganj, P.O.- Bhagwangola, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742135

N.A. byo.bg1@gmail.com Arghya Lahiri (BYO), 7685051657
14 Bhagwangola-II Block Youth Office
1st Floor Bhagwangola-2 BLDO Office, Vill- Badalmati, P.O.- Nashipur Balagachi, PIN-742135
N.A. byo.bg2@gmail.com Arghya Lahiri (BYO-in-Charge), 7685051657

Lalgola Block Youth Office
Srimantapur Rajgurupara, P.O+P.S- Lalgola, District- Murshidabad. PIN- 742148

N.A. byo.lalgola@gmail.com Tuhin Mukherjee (BYO), 9831536726
16 Kandi Block Youth Office
Administrative Building (3rd Floor), SDO, Kandi, P.O+P.S.- Kandi, District-Murshidabad, PIN- 742137
N.A. byokandi@gmail.com Nurul Amin Mondal (BYO), 9647978141

Kandi Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)

N.A. N.A. Nurul Amin Mondal (MYO-in-Charge), 9647978141
18 Burwan Block Youth Office
Vill+P.O.- Gramsalika Dakbangla, District- Murshidabad, PIN-742132
N.A. byoburwan@gmail.com Nurul Amin Mondal (BYO-in-Charge), 9647978141

Bharatpur-I Block Youth Office
Bharatpur gram panchayat office building, Vill+P.O.+P.S.- Bharatpur, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742301

N.A. byo.bharatpur1@gmail.com Shyamali Sarkar (BYO), 9593262711
20 Bharatpur-II Block Youth Office
Bharatpur-II BDO Office Building, Vill+P.O.+P.S.- Salar, District- Murshidabad PIN- 742401
N.A. byo.bharatpur2@gmail.com Shyamali Sarkar (BYO-in-Charge), 9593262711

Khargram Block Youth Office
Vill+P.O- Nagar, P.S.- Khargram, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742159

N.A. byo.khargram@gmail.com Nurul Amin Mondal (BYO-in-Charge), 9647978141
22 Domkal Block Youth Office
Vill- Joyrampur, P.O.+ P.S- Domkal, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742303
N.A. domkal.byo@gmail.com Nikkan Mandal (BYO-in-Charge), 9732549100

Domkal Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)

N.A. N.A. Nikkan Mandal (MYO-in-Charge), 9732549100
24 Raninagar-I Block Youth Office
Vill+P.O.+P.S.- Islampur, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742304
N.A. raninagar1.byo@gmail.com Asit Biswas (BYO-in-Charge), 9874752644

Raninagar-II Block Youth Office
Vill+P.O.+P.S.- Raninagar, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742308

N.A. raninagar2.byo@gmail.com Asit Biswas (BYO-in-Charge), 9874752644
26 Jalangi Block Youth Office
Vill- Sudhir Saha more, P.O.- Joykrishnapur, P.S- Jalangi, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742305
N.A. jalangibyo@gmail.com Nikkan Mandal (BYO), 9732549100

Jangipur Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)

N.A. N.A. Sujit Biswas (MYO-in-Charge), 9434504569
28 Raghunathganj-I Block Youth Office
Vill- Gopalnagar, P.O.- Raghunathganj, P.S- Raghunathganj, Dist- Murshidabd, PIN- 742225
N.A. byoraghunathganj1@gmail.com Sujit Biswas (BYO), 9434504569

Raghunathganj-II Block Youth Office
Raghunathganj-II B.D.O. office compound, P.O.- Jangipur, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742213

N.A. byoraghunathganj2@gmail.com Sujit Biswas (BYO-in-Charge), 9434504569
30 Samserganj Block Youth Office
Dhuliyan Municipality Building, Vill+ P.O- Dhuliyan, P.S- Samserganj, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742202
N.A. byo.sganj@gmail.com Anjan Das (BYO), 9775291767

Dhuliyan Municipal Youth Office (M) (non-sanc.)

N.A. N.A. Anjan Das (MYO-in-Charge), 9775291767
32 Farakka Block Youth Office
Vill + P.O- Beniagram, BDO Office Compound, P.S- Farakka, PIN- 742212
N.A. byofarakka@gmail.com Sukanta Saha (BYO), 8240876974 / 8013946720

Suti-I Block Youth Office
Laxmitala Babupara, Vill + P.O.- Ahiran, P.S.- Suti, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742223

N.A. suti1byo@gmail.com Subhas Chandra Mondal (BYO), 8101449090
34 Suti-II Block Youth Office
Vill + P.O- Dafahat, P.S.- Suti, Dist- Murshidabad, PIN- 742224
N.A. suti2byo@gmail.com Subhas Chandra Mondal (BYO-in-charge), 8101449090

Sagardighi Block Youth Office
Vill + P.O.- Sagardighi, District- Murshidabad, PIN- 742226

N.A. sagardighi.byo@gmail.com Subhas Chandra Mondal (BYO-in-charge), 8101449090