Youth Festival 2017-2018
Student-Youth Festival, 2017-2018
The Student-Youth Festival is one of the major programmes for identifying the budding talents of our state in the sphere of culture. Such a big event in the cultural arena of our state is seen very rarely. The festival has two aspects. One is Cultural Competitions and the other is Cultural Programmes.
In our state, this festival is organized in three tiers. The first tier is Block/Municipality/Municipal Corporation/Notified Area/Borough Level. The second one is District Level and the third is State Level. The successful candidates of the Block/Municipal/ Municipal Corporation/ Notified Area /Borough level competitions get the opportunity to participate in the District level competitions. Again, the successful competitors of the District level competitions are sent to compete at the State level competitions. The first tier of the cultural competitions and other programmes of this three-tier Student-Youth Festival, 2017-2018 was organized in all 341 Blocks, 118 Municipalities, 6 Municipal Corporations and 16 Boroughs under Kolkata Municipal Corporation and GTA during the period from 16-26 January, 2018.
The State Level Student-Youth Festival, 2017-2018 was organized successfully on & from 28-30 January, 2018 at the UTTIRNO  Open Air Theater at Alipur, Kolkata in which about 3,000 (Three Thousand) competitors across the state participated. Cultural competitions were held in 40 different events with great enthusiasm. There was also a cultural programme on the first evening of the festival.
Altogether, more than 6 (six) lakhs of student-youth took part in the Student-Youth Festival, 2017-18 across the state.
Apart from these, another four festivals & programmes were organized in the last year as part of the West Bengal State Student-Youth Festival which are as follows :

1. Rakhibandhan Utsab (7th August, 2017)

2. Vivek Chetana Utsab (10-12 January, 2018)

3. Subhas Utsab (22-23 January, 2018) and

4. Jungalmahal Cup Final & Prize Giving Ceremony (13th December, 2017) .